Olivia's Doggy Daycare & Boarding
"Because Home is Where the Heart Is...."
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Olivia's Doggy Daycare & Boarding   "Because home is where the heart is...."

Thank you for visiting Olivia's Doggy Daycare & Boarding!

We are located in a well kept, safe and spacious country home just east of Toledo Oregon. We have 10+ acres in a country setting that includes fields, creeks, and old-growth wooded areas that offer your dog    plenty of opportunities to run, play or just sniff around. We also have miles of gorgeous wooded horse   trails for supervised romps.

We are an in-home, daycare/boarding facility with lots of hands on love and attention.We are experienced in dog care, grooming, and training.

Included in your dogs day/overnight care is plenty of love, indoor and outdoor playtime, walks,     free range of home, warm beds, home made dog treats, toys, food and fresh water etc...   
 (All dogs sleep indoors at night.)

Years of experience and many references available upon request.

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you and your wonderful dogs!

                 Please sign our guest book, we would love to hear from you ...!

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